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Welcome to Maîté Iphupho, where every journey is the starting point of a personal adventure through the enchanting South Africa. For us, it's not just about destinations; it's about creating unforgettable impressions that linger.

We strive for you to fully enjoy all facets of this paradise during your vacation: the breathtaking nature, fascinating history, and diverse cultures. You deserve to experience this in the best possible way!

At Maîté Iphupho, you decide how your journey unfolds.

Let us together shape your dream adventure in South Africa.

City-Scape: The Beating Heart of South Africa

Let yourself be enchanted by the vibrant Cape Town. Explore the rich culture, savour delightful cuisine, and admire the impressive architecture. A city trip with Maîté Iphupho is a journey of discovery filled with liveliness.

Wildflowers  – Discover South Africa's Floral Magic.

In Cederberg and along the west coast of South Africa, a dry landscape prevails for most of the year, with the palpable threat of drought. However, during the months of August and September, this area undergoes a remarkable transformation, with approximately 3,500 different types of wildflowers coming into bloom. Explore this colorful splendour with our custom-tailored routes.

Cape – Essence - Discover the Western Cape in 14 days.

Explore the enchanting Western Cape during a special 14-day journey. From the impressive Table Mountain to vast vineyards and breathtaking coastlines, let our custom-tailored route guide you to unique experiences and hidden gems, making your journey through this beautiful part of South Africa unforgettable.

SA-Discovery - 21-Day Discovery Journey through Southern Africa

Delve deeper into the treasures of South Africa with our 21-day discovery journey. From the stunning Garden Route to the renowned Kruger National Park, one of the world's most famous nature reserves - this trip is filled with highlights that will make your heart race. An adventure to remember!

Whether you choose to discover the vibrant energy of Cape Town, explore nature during the "wildflower" season, or take a deeper dive into the treasures of South Africa, we have a journey that suits you perfectly. Each trip is unique, no standard copy, designed to seamlessly align with your personal preferences.


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