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Belgians in South-Africa


Hello, my name is Annick…

Let me introduce myself as the inspiring, motivating force of “Maîté Iphupho”, a name I did not select as a whim, out of the blue as it were, but rather being the Xhosa word which quite literally refers to “dream”. I am a believer in following your dreams and turning them into reality, no matter in which way or how laborious this may turn out to be.

With my partner Hendrik we would like to help you in realizing your dreams.

Going on a well-organized trip, a vacation and leaving your worries behind is precisely what “Maîté-Iphupho” stands for.

Maîté Iphupho


You are so much more than the craving for a child…….

Something was always bursting to be born from me

So let’s make it happen…


Because it’s me who wants it…

Because I can do it

Maybe a touch of impulsivity…

Or even a focused conceived plan.

Because I have an irrepressible will…

Because I will actually do it.

First dare dream the dream

And then… in time

Chase it … never stopping…. no limits....

Maybe different

But never anything less…

This is the long-awaited creation of


"Maîté Iphupho"